Don't Lose Your Delegates

How not to lose your delegates for your event.

Don't Lose Your Delegates

How not to lose your delegates for your event.

Don't Loose Your Delegates

You've spent months working with your directors to plan an event that is sure to impress their guests and polish your reputation. With every detail seemingly in place, your directors anxiously await the arrivals of their guests. They slowly begin to straggle in, looking as though they've trekked through the Andes before arriving at the venue. Your staff looks crestfallen as they begin to hear murmurings of how difficult it was to find the function, and you later get an earful of complaints from your boss.

Make sure they can find the venue

Whether your event is being held in the heart of a redwood forest or in the grand ballroom of a four-star hotel, you need to make sure that the guests know how to find it. They should feel confident that they will arrive in a timely manner and locate the venue without having to wander around or ask for directions.

There are a number of steps you can take to make it easy for your attendees to find the venue.

  1. If you're planning a conference or another invitation-only occasion, be sure to include a separate sheet for logistical information.
  2. While the address of the venue should definitely be stated, consider including a reference to the cross streets or even a graphically pleasing map of the area.
  3. If the event is being held in an urban location, include information about nearby parking so that guests won't spend half an hour driving around in circles.
  4. Directions and parking options should be included in the printed promotional material, and in the confirmation letters.

For large venues, driving and parking directions may not be sufficient. For convention centres and hotels, be sure to give the conference services staff the event times and locations for inclusion in their reader board. At a glance, attendees can find the time of the event and the room where it will be held.

Banners will help

Signage is another important component of an event in a large venue. If you have a large budget, banners can be printed and hung in strategic locations. A lower-cost option is using easels and sign boards to point the way to the venue, announce the names of the meeting rooms, or direct people toward registration.

Add a personal touch

Some events require a more personal touch. Greeters can make guests at formal affairs or attendees at large conferences feel welcome. They can escort guests into the venue, direct people into registration lines, and answer questions attendees may have.

Hire greeters whose appearances and personalities complement the nature of the event. Convention bureaus generally supply retirees, while modelling agencies might be the place to look if your event calls for glamour and a bit of flash.

Use whichever combination of approaches that will work best for your event, but make sure the mechanisms are in place for guests to find the venue with the least amount of hassle.

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